Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Top-20 Countdown - No.13

Stratos - no.13: Goldfrapp - Head First

Yesterday Giannis had them at no. 14, today they are my no.13. Alison Goldfrap lets her Olivia Newton-John Xanadu fantasy come to life (how can I not love her even more for that? Olivia is my number one favourite singer since 1978!) and the result is a dance album that I cannot stop dancing to! It may not be their best but it has become my favourite!

My review of Head First for Screw magazine issue 17:
Goldfrapp reach hopefully their fifth album. Alison Goldfrapp and her gang tale their obsession with Olivia Newton-John from her Xanadu era (the definitive gay cult musical) to it's limits – even the first single's cover , the rousing Rocket, is a direct reference to the film. The sound is brimming with electronic elements, very commercial and optimistic. I do not believe that there is a human being that will listen to this and will not want to get up and dance right away - you? 
Selections: Rocket, Believer, Alive

Giannis - no.13: Wavves – King Of The Beach

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