Monday, December 13, 2010

Top-20 Countdown - No.08

Stratos - no.08: Pan Pan - Someday Maybe I Won't Mind

I am so proud of Panayiotis Pantazis. I know him for some years now, read his comics and listen to his music and now that he has released his first fully fledged album (which you can download here for at least 1 euro) I am so happy to see his dreams come true. The album is very intense and atmospheric, his sound relentless but heart - warming. Go Pan Pan, go!!!

My review for this album published originally in Screw issue 22

Panayiotis Pantazis is something of a Renessance artist - an architect with a phD in theoretical Architecture if you please), designer and writer of comics (his four wonderful Common Comics are published by Giganto Books) and musician. Self taught. Researching to the limits. For years he has been fighting with keyboards, samples, his inspiration, making dreamy or nightmarish soundscapes that accompany even his comic stories. For his first official album he gathered what he considers best from all the music he wrote these last few years, "freshened" it up and laid them out, nine pieces, only as a digital download, as his soul testament. 
Selection: Never Gonna Happen, 5 Years, Wake Up With The Sun

Giannis - no.08: Ratatat – LP4

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