Sunday, October 31, 2010

Poplie radio show, 31st of October 2010 - The Joni Mitchell Retrospective

This show was a special retrospective of Joni Mitchell's career. This incredible artist has been one of my top favourites ever since I first heard her music in 1982. It was love at first sound for me. I have included songs from every non-collection album she has released except Travelogue, because most of those songs were already in the show in their original format, plus I really wanted to include her Herbie Hankock collaboration on Tea Leaf Profecy and the time restraints were too tight. Two hours are not enough for a body of work this big. You can always listen to the show again if yo uwant, just go to the left column of this blog. And clicking on the image above (cover of her 1976 album Hejira, photo by Norman Seef) will let you see the playlist. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Joni Mitchell tribute for this Sunday's show!

I decided, after having a conversation with a friend who is a fan of her as well, to make a show as a tribute to Joni Mitchell. The incredible Canadian artist has been releasing great records from 1968 (my birth year) so I have a huge body of work to chose from. Join me on Poplie radio this Sunday at 12:00 for a celebration of this woman's talent.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Poplie radio show, 24th of October 2010

Sunny Sunday this one, and in great mood for a great show full of beautiful music - this time I started with the more beat/electronic stuff and the second half was more indie pop/rock and folk, even country in a couple of tracks. As usually, you can find the show to listen to at the left column of the blog and if you click on the photo above, you can see the playlist.

Photo courtesy of Stratos Bacalis, Edinburgh, Botanical Gardens

Friday, October 22, 2010

Review: Five Star Hotel - This Sound

George Begas, Yiannis Kretsios, Yiannis Varelidis, Euripidis Papadopoulos and Antonis Vellios are members of a group that all of Thessaloniki (OK, all of "smart" Thessaloniki) was waiting impatiently to make their first CD.  And finally we have it in our hands... and it's stuck on repeat! Gorgeous music with a view, style and balls that thousands of much more experienced groups would be jealous of, from both sides of the Atlantic. Pop? Yes, but also rock and electronica  merging harmoniously. For those who cannot understand unless they compare one with another artist, I will give one name: Camera Obscura (yes they will be the opening act for them in Thessaloniki on the 29th of October). You want more? St. Etienne. OK, enough with ask the audience, now go get the CD!

Selections: Minimal, Underground, Highway Traffic

This review was originally published in Screw Magazine Issue 21, October 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Monika - Exit

Monika's second album was anxiously expected. Friends and enemies alike were waiting with their knives to cut the melon open and taste the result. A result that disappoints without being bad. It simply does not give you a sense of improvement, does not take that one step further that would have sent it inside our hearts next to its predecessor. Not that it does not contain any good songs. "Yes I Do" for me is the best thing she has written so far. But is that enough to make an album good? Of course not. But we know she can do it, so we will give her one more chance. Next time more restrained and inspired - leave the high notes for sopranos, as she literally and wisely does in one of the songs. Oh, and smile a bit Monika. It makes ones enemies worry.

Selections: Yes I Do, Ca Commence Bien, Away From My Land

Review first published in Screw Magazine, Issue 19-20, July 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Poplie radio show, 17th of October 2010

Back to more regular stuff, this Sunday was full of new songs and some re-releases of older stuff. You can find the show on the left column of this blog if you did not get to listen to it live. If you click on the picture above you can see the playlist. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Stratos Bacalis - Inverleith park at Stockbridge - the Swan pond

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Poplie radio show, 10th of October 2010

Super date (10-10-10) for a super show!!! This time around I was inspired by Vassilikos' version of Ne Me Quitte Pas that my friend Giannis put up on twitter and made the whole show with versions of old standards by modern artists. You can always find the show on the left side of the blog and if you click on the image above, see the play list. Enjoy!

(In the photo by Alberto Tolot is Sheena Eason, from her album No Strings)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Review: Scissor Sisters - Night Work

A group with definite influence on last decade's dance scene comes back with it's latest record to find out if they still have what it takes. Even though they are from the United States, Scissor Sister members employ European influences and references in their music, a thing that makes them find their target: beautiful rousing music with obvious point of reference a gay relationship and what it comes with. Dive deep to freshen yourselves up!

Selections:  Fire With Fire, Whole New Way, Invisible light

This review was published originally in issue 20 of Screw Magazine

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Poplie radio show, 3rd of October 2010

This radio show came right after our first birthday party! Poplie is officially one year old and the celebration took place at Higgs in Athens (see previous post for details). I could not make it to Athens but did carry on the party mood in the show with lots of dance and up beat tracks - had a blast as well! You can find the show on the left side if you missed it live and click on the play list above to see the featured tracks. Enjoy!

photo by Stratos Bacalis - Edinburgh Botanical Gardens

Friday, October 1, 2010

Poplie Season 2 Party!

Having gotten our baby teeth and making our first steps, it's time to blow our first candle too! Poplie is one year old and this Saturday, the 2nd of October, is the opening of Season 02 with new program, new producers, renewed site and blog and also a wild party!

Saturday, 2nd of October, you are all invited to celebrate the opening of Season 02 with us!

Radio spot

The Dj line up is:

22.00 – 00.00: Zeugolator /Dreamer
00.00 – 01.00: Blu Velvet / Gsus
01.00 – 02.00: Themis / Vaggelis
02.00 – 03.00: Oksikemia
03.00 – 05.00: Good Times / Tone Twisters

Doors open: 22:00
Entrance: free
Higgs: Efpolidos 4 & Apellou 2, Kotzia Square