Thursday, December 9, 2010

Top-20 Countdown - No.12

Stratos - no.12: Scissor Sisters - Night Work

When I heard their first single out of Night Work, Fire With Fire, I started dancing on my own in front of my PC. The album did not disappointing either. A collection of pure gay dance music ready to lift you of in another dimension. More focused and strong then ever, Scissor Sisters are reaching their peak so far. And Mapplethorp's photography used on the cover is always mesmerizing.

My review of Night Work for Screw magazine issue 20:

One of the groups with defining influence over the dance scene of the last years returns with their latest album to find out if they still have their lucky charm. Even though they are American, Scissor Sisters members have european influences and references in their music, a thing that helps them achieve their target: beautiful riveting dance music with definite point of view a gay affair and what it entails. Dive deep and feel refreshed!
Selections: Fire With Fire, Whole New Way, Invisible light

Giannis - no.12: The Walkmen - Lisbon

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