Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top-20 Countdown - No.01

Stratos - no.01: The National - High Violet

What to write about this one? That it was the soundtrack of my life this year? That it defined so many of my sleepless nights and groggy mornings? That it took me by the hand and helped me get through a difficult period of my life not by supporting me or whispering soft sweet nothings in my ears but by entering me and inhabiting every vein and every cell of my body, making me feel all emotions stronger, clearer, more thorough. Oh and yes, I think this is their best one yet.

Here is my review for High Violet as published in Screw magazine issue 19:

Ever since 2001, The National have been gifting us with one wonderful song after another. Songs that mark personal moments for everyone, that carve themselves deep in our hearts whether we want it or not. Their new album is not an exception. From the first track of this record you understand that once more you will cry, scream, beat up yourself, smile, love, separate and The National will be there, next to you, writing the soundtrack of your life. And of course Matt Benninger's characteristic voice is simply unsurpassed. It's difficult to pick songs that stand out, because they are all exceptional.
Selections: Conversation 16, Terrible Love, Anyone’s Ghost

Giannis - no.01: The National - High Violet

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