Friday, November 30, 2012

Blogovision 2012 - the time has come

The time has arrived. Every year, since 2007, a bunch of Greek bloggers passionate about music, a bunch that keeps growing with each passing year, posts their top-20 favourite albums of the year, one each day, counting from 20 to 1, from the 1st of December till the 20th. I am participating again this year as I have done since the beginning, so tomorrow you will be able to see my number 20. The brilliant poster above was of course designed by my extremely talented friend and participant Tassos Papaioannou.

The rules:

A. Main category ( 2012's ΤΟΡ-20)

Part 1 – Which albums are eligible:

* Albums from 2012 or at least December 2011. (Eligible are European releases with release date from 01.12.11 onwards and American releases with or release date from 01.12.11 onwards).
* Albums with original artist material. Cover versions and tribute albums are eligible as long as they are from the same artist. For example: Tribute albums with many different artists doing cover versions of another artist's songs are not eligible. An artist doing cover versions of other artist's songs is eligible. Live, compilations, re-releases, Unreleased archive material being released for the first time now are not eligible.
* Albums (LPs, mini LPs, EPs) with a duration of at least 25 minutes and a total of 6 tracks. If the album has a duration of more than 40 minutes, the 6 tracks rule is void. For example, an album with 4 tracks of 11 minutes each is eligible.
* Of course anyone is free to vote whichever album or release they want but if they are not eligible, their points will not count towards the final tally.

 Part 2 – Procedure:

* We vote from the 1st of December our Νο.20 favourite album for 2012.On the 2nd of December Νο.19. And so on until the 20th of December when we vote our Νο.1 album. The countdown είναι rated and not random. And we are never late in posting.
* Anyone not wishing to post every day on their blog, can send their Top 20 list to Markos Fragkos ( before the 1st of December and makes one and only post on the 20th of December. Posts made without having send the list previously shall not be eligible.
* 20 albums are the minimum. No less than 20 can be voted. Only the 20 first will be awarded points (from the 1st of December). Those voting less than 20 albums, will not have the eligible for the final tally… (because it alters the result for the top 20 being done with top 20 rules). Those voting more than 20, should better do it up until the 30th of November.
* Those participating in the countdown should declare it until the 30th of November, with a simple comment in the first post του so that we know whom to count. Run! 
* As the guest institution has been a regular feature these last few years, if you do not have your own blog, you can vote as a guest in someone else's blog.

 Part 3 – Winners:

The points for each album from No.20 up to Νο.1 to make the final tally are as follows:

 Νο.01=35 Νο.02=29 Νο.03=24 Νο.04=20 Νο.05=17
 Νο.06=15 Νο.07=14 Νο.08=13 Νο.09=12 Νο.10=11
 Νο.11=10 Νο.12=09 Νο.13=08 Νο.14=07 Νο.15=06
 Νο.16=05 Νο.17=04 Νο.18=03 Νο.19=02 Νο.20=01

So it is very important to evaluate your votes and not post the albums in a random manner. Your first five albums gets a “booster vote” and plays an important part in the tally. On the 21st of December the final tally will take place and the results announced at a party to be organized in a downtown Athens bar (probably BIOS) and probably on the 23rd of the same month. Participants will receive gifts at the party and many of the participating bloggers will play music as DJs (2012 albums of course!). During the party, the final tally will be also posted on Gone 4 Sure for those not able to be there.


This year we decided to be able to vote for some more stuff not eligible in the main category in previous years. We also thought of awarding bloggers for their effort in writing the posts and promoting blogovision in social media. So more ctegories and more work for the countdown team that was lazy one full year and must now pay back.

1./Soundtrack of the year

Solving an issue people faced last year with albums like “Sucker Punch“. Special cinema buffs category. Vote up to 3 albums from O.S/T.s in the above mentioned time frame. They can be song compilations or cover versions and original music written for a film or all of the above.Vote just like you would in the main category. Vote once, in the same day and post all three albums in the positions you want, any day up to the 20th of December.
Attention: In your countdown please mention in the title and in the tags/labels of your post the category hash-tag: #Blogovision_OST 

2./Remixes, Compilations, Re-releases, Best Of, all here

We thought what you were thinking. Vote only two albums, from those not eligible in the main category, without any preference in position and of course they must have been released in the time frame mentioned before. A final tally will produce another top-20. Attention: In your countdown please mention in the title and in the tags/labels of your post the category hash-tag: #blogovision_olaedο 

3./Tweet of the week

Re-tweet the tweets about this year's blogovision and are to your liking with the hashtag #blogovision_leei. The tweet getting the most RTs per week will be awarded the title "tweet of the week" and will be posted on the blogovision best of blog along with all the rest that got an RT. The blogger that gets the most RTs – as a total in the full 20 days – wins a special mention and prize at the party.

4./Best Post

We know some people do an extra effort and some others read them in awe. +1000 to those who "got it" then: All you have to do is "like" int he main page of blogovision at Facebook. There, each day, we will post all posts published in the blog.So "like" the post you think is best. Not for the album it mentions but for the way but for the way the blogger writes/posts about it. The blogger with most Likes for his posts will get a special mention and prize during the party.

5./Quote of the day

Gone 4 Sure will select the quote he read in a post and stayed with him throughout the day. He names it quote of the day. Or week.

6./Posts of the day

Gone 4 Sure selects the 3 best posts of each day gone by. Those and some more will be posted daily in the new blogovision blog.

All the new voting challenges courtesy of Avaton Kortez

Here is a Google reader link (courtesy of aggelos K) in which you can see continuously all the posts in one place.

The participants in alphabetical order:

B-Side (Guest of Laternative)
Cartoon Dandy (Guest of Homo Ludens)
Clandestino (will mail the list)
Common Heat
Dark Tyler
Dimitris Bouras (Guest of Panagiotis Barlas)
Effingstonem (Guest of Aris Indiego)
Fotis Vallatos (Guest of Theodosis Michos)
Geor Pap
George (Guest of Human Traffic)
George Pond
Head charge (will mail the list)
John M
La Maestra
Larry Wilson (Guest of Narita)
Ludopatini (Guest of Γιάκωβος)
Luke Alive (will mail the list)
Manthos V (guest of Profiteropoulo)
Silent Crossing (will mail the list)
Simigdalenios (will mail the list)
Vikonika (Guest of Lkrory 21)