Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top-20 Countdown - No.06

Stratos - no.06: Karen Elson - The Ghost Who Walks

Karen Elson was always one of my favourite models, so different than your run of the mill blondes that filled the glossy pages of Vogues around the world. When she married Jack White I was worried that it may make her change from high fashion to grunge/rock chic but instead she became a bona-fide singer /songwriter, turning out an album that many seasoned ladies of the scene would kill for. Sensual, intelligent and tasteful, she brings to music all the right ingredients from her fashion career. I do have a thing for redheads and I am so glad she did not disappoint me.

My review for the album for Screw Magazine issue 21:

Some will say «Jack White's wife». Others will say «model». But if they put this album to play without knowing who Karen Elson is and listen to it in one go, from start till finish, they will adore it without a second guess.Mrs. White has crafted a small gem, embellishing our walls with her wonderful soundscapes, sometimes dark and sadly fragile, others more strong and demanding. And her distinctive voice is the link that threads her stories from beginning to end. And we listen to her. 
Selections: The Ghost Who Walks, Stolen Roses, Cruel Summer

Giannis - no.06: Groove Armada – Black Light

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