Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Top-20 Albums of 2013, no.11: Scott Matthew - Unlearned

Scott Matthew is very dear and precious to me, like few artists are. His music and lyrics always go under my skin, deep inside my soul and have a profound effect on me, my thoughts, my mood, my thinking. So what happens when he puts out a record full of covers? Does it still work the same miracle on me? Is it still as exciting, moving, emotional, heartbreakingly beautiful as his own songs are? The answer is a loud yes! It is incredible how he assimilates each and every song from such diverse artists, from Whitney Houston's Dance With Somebody, to Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart. He makes them his own, keeping their artistic integrity intact but at the same time infusing them with his own spirit and creativity.

no.12: Phosphorescent - Muchacho
no.13: Laura Mvula - Sing For The Moon
no.14: The Ballet - I Blame Society
no.15: Son Lux - Lanterns
no.16: Gustaf Spetz - Saknaden
no.17: Daughter - If You Leave
no.18: Larry Gus - Years Not Living
no.19: Pan Pan - Missing Two Trains On Purpose 
no.20: inc. - No World

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