Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top-20 countdown - no.15

Patrick Wolf - Lupercalia

Patrick found love this time. It infuses his music in this album, probably in much the same way as it does his life. He sounds optimistic, inspired, happy. It even shows on the bright white cover, with only his shock of red hair as a coloured splash on it. Playing again with is surname for the title (lupus=wolf), Patrick serves us with a collection of songs that is bound to please even his most difficult fan. And yes, they are approachable, maybe for the very first time. No, he has not sold out. He's simply in love.

So far:

16. Gotye - Making Mirrors
17. Austra - Feel It Break
18. Soley - We Sink
19. Cat's Eyes - Cat's Eyes
20. St. Vincent - Strange Mercy

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