Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Monika - Exit

Monika's second album was anxiously expected. Friends and enemies alike were waiting with their knives to cut the melon open and taste the result. A result that disappoints without being bad. It simply does not give you a sense of improvement, does not take that one step further that would have sent it inside our hearts next to its predecessor. Not that it does not contain any good songs. "Yes I Do" for me is the best thing she has written so far. But is that enough to make an album good? Of course not. But we know she can do it, so we will give her one more chance. Next time more restrained and inspired - leave the high notes for sopranos, as she literally and wisely does in one of the songs. Oh, and smile a bit Monika. It makes ones enemies worry.

Selections: Yes I Do, Ca Commence Bien, Away From My Land

Review first published in Screw Magazine, Issue 19-20, July 2010

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