Friday, October 22, 2010

Review: Five Star Hotel - This Sound

George Begas, Yiannis Kretsios, Yiannis Varelidis, Euripidis Papadopoulos and Antonis Vellios are members of a group that all of Thessaloniki (OK, all of "smart" Thessaloniki) was waiting impatiently to make their first CD.  And finally we have it in our hands... and it's stuck on repeat! Gorgeous music with a view, style and balls that thousands of much more experienced groups would be jealous of, from both sides of the Atlantic. Pop? Yes, but also rock and electronica  merging harmoniously. For those who cannot understand unless they compare one with another artist, I will give one name: Camera Obscura (yes they will be the opening act for them in Thessaloniki on the 29th of October). You want more? St. Etienne. OK, enough with ask the audience, now go get the CD!

Selections: Minimal, Underground, Highway Traffic

This review was originally published in Screw Magazine Issue 21, October 2010

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