Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blogovision/My top-20 albums of the year - no.18: Banks - Goddess

Lilith had left the studio early. She wanted to listen again to the album they had been mixing lately and was ready for release really soon. They were supposed to finish in April but it took them a while longer to finalize it. Jillian was always changing things, usually minute ones but they really made a difference once they listened to the revised track one more time. She kept on joking how she and Lilith were twins: they looked alike a bit, had the same hairstyle and wore similar outfits every single time, as if their minds were fine-tuned to the same wavelength. Even the album cover photographer had taken some shots of Lilith styled like Jillian. Or Banks, as her moniker was now. And naming the album Goddess of all things! Lilith's brother was of course ecstatic; he thought it was perfect, as that's how he called Jillian every time he met her. Lilith laughed silently to herself, put her headphones on and started that atmospheric journey once more.

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