Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rock the vote 2011 - Top-20 albums of the year!

For the 5th year in a row, my dear friend Gone4sure organizes the vote for the best albums of the year by Greek bloggers. I have taken part in this since the first time back in 2007, a thing I do with pleasure and fun. Second time now that I am going to do it through my music blog and not my design blog.
So how is it done? Let's see:

01. We vote from the 1st of December our 20th favourite album of the year. On the 2nd of December the 19th and so forth until the 20th of December when we vote our number 1 favourite album. The countdown should be evaluative and not random. And we post one album per day, no delays, to keep up the rhythm and fun of it. Best posted before 22:00 each night. Anyone who wants to do this but not post each day bit make the full list on the last day, can e-mail Gone4sure before the 1st of December their list.

02. We vote only new albums released in 2011 (no compilations, re-releases, live recordings EPs smaller than 30 minutes in duration etc) according to their official release date and not when we happened to listen to them Don't fall victims of hype but make it really be your favourites. Let your subjectivity triumph!
03. Keep your posts small. Most of us have little time to spare.

04. 20 disks are the minimum. Do not vote for less. Only these are eligible for the total vote. Any list with less than 20 albums will not be accounted for in the final tally.

05. All who want to participate can state it with a comment on Gone4sure's blog until the 30th of November. There is almost no time! As I said in my introduction, you can be a guest at someone else's blog if you do not have your own.

06. The points for every album from no.20 till no.1 for the final tally will be like this: Νο.01=35 Νο.02=29 Νο.03=24 Νο.04=20 Νο.05=17 Νο.06=15 Νο.07=14 Νο.08=13 Νο.09=12 Νο.10=11 Νο.11=10 Νο.12=09 Νο.13=08 Νο.14=07 Νο.15=06 Νο.16=05 Νο.17=04 Νο.18=03 Νο.19=02 Νο.20=01

This is the reader that gathers all the posts from all participants.

There is a Google+ page as well.

Twitter hashtag is #blogovision

There is a Facebook fanpage too!

Tassos did the great poster again this year!

So let's start! Participants in order of entry (the comments are by Gone4Sure) :

01. g (Space Age Disco)
Last years’ No.o1: Chilly Gonzales “Ivory Tower
02. Nikisot
New entry – Welcome.
03. Dustroad (A Dustroad In The Middle Of Nowhere)
Last year’s No.01: Pan Pan  ”Someday Maybe, I Don’t Mind
04. Booldoza
Last year’s No.01: Autechre “Oversteps
05. Narita (deka7ta)
Last year’s No.01:  Caribou “Swim
06. Biglebo (Who Cares About Normality)
Last year’s No.01: Yesayer “Odd Blood
07. Matteus (Who Cares About Normality)
(New Entry! – Welcome)
08. SerpentinePad (We Are The Music Makers)
Last year’s No.01: Beach House “Teen Dream
09. Silentcrossing
Last year’s No.01: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Beat The Devil’s Tattoo“  (θα στείλει τη λίστα του μέσω mail)
10. Thodoriksan (Margaret On The Guillotine)
Last year’s No.01: Arcade Fire “The Suburbs
11. Dionisis Rigas (Fierce Invalid Home From Hot Climate)
Last year’s No.01: Crystal Castles “Crystal Castles
12. P.V. (Pretty Visitors)
Last year’s No.01: Gonjasufi “A Sufi And A Killer
13. Stratos (The Music Chronicles)
Last year’s No.01: The National “High Violet
14. Homo Ludens (Popo Culture)
Last year’s No.01: Arcade Fire “The Suburbs
15. Laviebohemie (Urban Diaries)
Last year’s No.01: Arcade Fire “The Suburbs
16. Nikitas (Untitled)
Last year’s No.01: Caribou “Swim
17. Georgethebeast (Βαρεμένα Ημερολόγια)
Last year’s No.01: LCD Soundsystem “This Is Happening
18. Mrs. Dalloway (Mrs. Dalloway Says…)
New Entry! – Welcome
19. ZlatkoGr. (Λογική Της Πλάκας)
Last year’s No.01: Mumford & Sons “Sigh No More
20. lkrory21 (Hauptpunkte)
Last year’s No.01:  Flying Lotus “Cosmogramma
21. Vikonika (Hauptpunkte)
New entry! – Welcome
22. Mean Mr. Mustard’s Sister (The Long Medley)
Last year’s No.01: Arcade Fire “The Suburbs
23. Θεοδόσης Μίχος (Πάνω Στη Βέσπα)
New entry! – Ol’ buddy – Welcome
24. Aris K.  (Musica-Re)
New entry! – Ol’ buddy – Welcome
25.  KBougas (Σκέψεις – Κείμενα Και Άλλα)
New entry! – Welcome
26. Elafini
Re-entry! – Ol’ buddy – Welcome
27. Vasilakos (Heroes Rule)
Last year’s No.01: She & Him “Volume Two
28. Johnny Got His Keyboard (Το Απόλυτο Αστικό Soundtrack)
Last year’s No.01: Arcade Fire “The Suburbs
29. Tassos (One Man Show Studio)
Last year’s No.01: The National “High Violet
30. MetaCapsule (Dear All, I’ve Got Some News)
New entry! – Welcome
31. KostasK (Muz!cOn)
Last year’s No.01: Ten Kens “For Posterity
32. Hellboy (Hell Is A Land Without Comicbooks)
Last year’s No.1: The Sword “Warp Riders
33. Dark Tyler (US TV)
Last year’s No.01: Arcade Fire “The Suburbs
34. Asterios Nakopoulos (Blogύδρια Αισχίστου Είδους)
New entry! – Welcome
35. Green Onion (Mezzanine)
Re-entry – Welcome!
36. Schottkey (Κομμάτια Ενός Ολογραφικού Ρόδου)
Last year’s No.1: Twin Shadow “Forget
37. Mixalis Epsilon (Stereo Nova)
Last year’s No.1: Beach House “Teen Dream
38. Jay B (Meant To Be Artists)
New entry! – Welcome
39. Spiral (Τετράδιο Spiral)
New entry! – Welcome
40. Avaton Kortez (The Switcher)
Last year’s No.1:  MGMT “Congratulations
41. Vkp (Ruby In A Music Comma)
Last year’s No.01: Arcade Fire “The Suburbs
42. dcoded (I Feel Space)
Last year’s No.01: Sufjan Stevens “The Age Of Adz
43. Bee & Gee (To And Fro)
Last year’s No.01: LCD Soundsystem “This Is Happening
44. Gee (Meant To Be Artists)
New entry! – Welcome
45. DimitrisDX
New entry! – Welcome
46.  Kyriakos (Antimatter)Last year’s No.01: Arcade Fire “The Suburbs
47. Barracuda
New entry! – Welcome
48. Sinnerman (Look Up! You’re Falling Down)
Last year’s No.01: Gonjasufi – “A Sufi And A Killer
49. Fantasmenios (Ακραία Μουσικά Φαινόμενα)New entry – Ol’ buddy – Welcome
50. M1rto (A Good Year For The Robots)
Last year’s No.01: Black Keys “Brothers
51. Onizuka83 (Room For Thoughts)
Last year’s No.01: The National “High Violet
52. Pluto (Pluto’s Music Mag)
Last year’s No.01: Delta Mirror – “Machines That Listen
53. Ody (Cool Music Central) (θα στείλει κατευθείαν λίστα)
Last year’s No.01: The Fall “Your Future Our Clutter
54. Alekzunder (Alekzunder’s Brainstorm)
Last year’s No.01: Arcade Fire “The Suburbs55. ZacGk (Serialgk)Last year’s No.1: Caribou “Swim”
56. Dilated (Dilated Thoughts)
Last year’s No.01: Deftones “Diamond Eyes
57. Inverted A (artminus)
Last year’s No.01: Flying Lotus “Cosmogramma”
58. Fotobill
Last year’s No.01: National “High Violet
59. No Heathen (There Is A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends)
Last year’s No.01: Broken Bells “Broken Bells
60. hlektronio

New entry! – Welcome
61. Broken Beats (Excess Energies)
Last year’s No.01: Male Bonding “Nothing Hurts
62. Markisia 
New entry! – Welcome
63. TheSkyEtc. (hjartadhamast)
New entry! – Welcome
64. La Maestra
Last year’s No.01: These New Puritans “Hidden
65. Depecher (Songs for my funeral)
Last year’s No.01: Mike Patton “Mondo Cane
66. Indictos (Indiblog)
Last year’s No.01: MGMT “Congratulations
67.  Chemical Robert
Last year’s No.01: 65Daysofstatic “We Were Exploding Anyway
68. Tagres
New entry! – Welcome
69. Fangyuan (Riot)
Last year’s No.01: Flying Lotus “Cosmogramma
70. Tasos (John Tikis)

New entry – Welcome
71. Τρούπερ είμαι (Once Upon A Time)
New entry – Welcome
72. SexPistols.Gege (Koblopoulos)
New entry – Welcome
73. PetrosK87 (Koblopoulos)
New entry – Welcome
74. Tερέζος (Laternative)
Last year’s No.01: Caribou “Swim
75. Τσουλούφης (Laternative)
Last year’s No.01: Caribou “Swim
76. b-side (Laternative)
Last year’s No.01: Caribou “Swim
77. Kapetank
Last year’s No.01:  Broken Records “Let Me Come Home
78. StefanosBel (The Escapist)

Last year’s No.01: Motorama “Alps
79. Your Music Ride (Θα στείλει κατευθείαν λίστα)
Last year’s No.01:  Arcade Fire “Suburbs
80. Άννα (Music Saves My Soul)
Last year’s No.01: Midlake “The Courage Of Others
81. m.hulot (m.hulot nothing days)
Re-entry – ol’ buddy – Welcome
82. Aggelos K (In A Space Of A Few Minutes)
Last year’s No.01: Caribou “Swim
83. Papadicki (Τρίβια)
New entry – Welcome
84. Aggelos kl (Daybreeze)New entry – Welcome
85. Cartoondandy  (Θα στείλει κατευθείαν λίστα)Re-entry –  Ol’ buddy
86. Ough! (Reality Bites)
New entry – Welcome!
87. Maria Markouli (It’s My Blender)
New entry! – Welcome
88. A Silver Home Ghost
Last year’s No.01: Midlake “The Courage Of Others
89. Human Trafffic
Last year’s No.01: National “High Violet
90. Alan During
New entry! – Welcome
91. Soul Auctioneer (Minus One)
Last year’s No.01: These New Puritans “Hidden
92. Dreamer (Dreamer Shows)
Last year’s No.01: Twin Shadow “Forget
93. Mr. Petemy
New entry! – Welcome
94. Iacovos Camchis (Δεν Είσαι Δέντρο)
New entry! – Welcome
95. Ludopatini (Δεν Είσαι Δέντρο)
New entry! – Welcome
96. Lila Pit (And When You Wake Up Everything Will Be Fine)
New entry! – Welcome
97. Manos P (Pepon – Pepoff)
New entry! – Welcome
98. South Of The River (Ring Of Smoke)
Last year’s No.01:  Broken Records “Let Me Come Home
99. James (Urban Riots)

New entry! – Welcome
100. Whatisluv (Mumblers)
Last year’s No.01: Peter Nalitch & Friends “Jolly Baburi
101. Kostis  (Radio – War)

New entry! – Welcome
102. Andreas Rizos (Less Human, More Being)
New entry! – Welcome
103. Ntelirio (Ntelirio’s Notes) 
New entry! – Welcome
104. Influences Only
Last year’s No.01:  Cherry Ghost “Beneath The Burning Shoreline
105. Μάγος Γίσσπορ (Οι Νέες Περιπέτειες Του Μάγου Γίσσπορ)
Re-entry! – Welcome
106. Chris (@Monksdream – Twitter)
New entry! – Welcome
107. Xαρά (Το Blog Της Χαράς)
New entry! – Welcome
108. Nikos (Shit I Think When I  Wake Up)
New entry! – Welcome
109. Sunny
New entry! – Welcome
110. Moody (Just Moody)
Last year’s No.01: Gonjasufi “A Sufi And A Killer”111. Anna (Inspire Me)New entry!- Welcome
112. Άρης Δημοκίδης (Bits And pieces)
Last year’s No.01: Hurts “Happiness
113. Γιώργος Κοκονίδης ( ΠΟΠ!)
New entry!- Welcome
114. Διονύσης ΤσονόπουλοςNew entry! – Welcome
115. blemobill (Marine Basura)
Last year’s No.01: Crystal Castles “Crystal  Castles II“ 
116. Fotis Vallatos (The Present Is A Grotesque Animal)
Last year’s No.01: Zola Jesus “Stridulum II
117. Γιάννης Δράκος (Left Luggage) (Θα στείλει κατευθείαν λίστα)
New entry! – Welcome
118. Ανδρέας Ράπτης (Μίλα καθαρά, μίλα ωραία) (Θα στείλει κατευθείαν λίστα)
New entry! – Welcome
119. Nikeii (Earcom: 1)
Last year’s No.01: Caribou “Swim
120. Pharmartistic (An Art Called…)
New entry! – Welcome
121. Nickolas (An Art Called…)
New entry! – Welcome (πέρσι είχε καταρτίσει λίστα χωρίς να συμμετέχει με Νο.01 Janelle Monae “The Archandroid
122. Σκρατ (Celebrate The Lizard) (Θα στείλει κατευθείαν λίστα)
New entry – Welcome
123. Green Bananaz
Last year’s No.01:  Gonjasufi “A Sufi And A Killer”124. Chris Ex (Musica-Re)New entry! – Welcome
125. Ela Mesa
New entry! – Welcome
126. Dr. Manolis Vamvounis 
Last year’s No.01: Marina & The Diamonds “Family Jewels
127. Chris VDW (MVP)
New entry! – Welcome
128. MariannaNew entry! – Welcome
129. Thekocf
New entry! – Welcome
130. Αρχιμήδης Παναγιωτίδης (Retro Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus)
New entry! – Welcome
131. Mimis (Pop Music Under Construction)
Last year’s No.01: Arcade Fire “Suburbs
132. Sintiesto (Super Sonic Studio)
New entry! – Welcome
133. bombbier (One Will Burn Music)New entry! – Welcome (Πέρσι δεν συμμετείχε αλλά είχε στο Νο.01 Gil Scott Heron “I Am New Here
134. Melody (Melody Is A Word For Silence)
New entry! – Welcome
135. Gloriousmono
New entry! – Welcome
136. Dunno (Laberinto De Amores)
New Entry! – Welcome
137. Kathleen (Hellyeah)
New entry! – Welcome
138. The Robbed (The Robbed Groove)
New entry! – Welcome
139. Mitrellino 
Last year’s No.01: Δεν μπορώ να το βρω.
140. Truant (When You Got Words)
New entry! – Welcome

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