Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poplie radio show, 18th of April 2010

As I was the first one to play on air after the Poplie party at Higgs, I decided to make the show a continuation of the party mood - aka lots of feel good, dance tunes, old and new. Alison Goldfrapp is pictured above as she is a current favourite and Rocket always makes me feel great, it is so uplifting. Her Olivia Newton-John (also featured in the show) obsession endears her even more to me (in this photo she is a dead-ringer for Olivia circa 1985 and Soul Kiss album inner spread photo). I hope you enjoy this - you can get the show from the left column as always. Click on the photo above to check the playlist.


  1. downloading...Πάλι δε σε άκουσα, κοιμόμουν μέχρι ...ας πούμε αργά :Ρ

  2. haha - κάτι αντίστοιχο έκανα εγώ το Σάββατο... ας πούμε μέχρι αργά :-P